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LiF crystal lithium fluoride

HGO grows LiF crystals in house using Czochralski technology. LiF crystal or lithium fluoride crystal is an optical material with outstanding transmittance in VUV region. It is also used for windows, prisms, and lenses in the visible and infrared in 0.104µm-7µm.

LiF single crystal is sensitive to thermal shock and would be attacked by atmospheric moisture at 400°C. When working at a high temperature of 600°C, the LiF crystal softens and is slightly plastic, so it can be bent into radius plates. In addition irradiation produces color centers. Hence, users should take measures to protect LiF crystals from moisture and high energy radiation damages.

What is more LiF can be cleaved along (100) plane and less commonly (110) plane. The optical characteristics are good and yet the structure is not perfect and cleavage is difficult.

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HGO grows LiF crystal lithium fluoride. LiF crystal or lithium fluoride crystal is an optical material with outstanding transmittance in VUV region. It is widely used for windows, prisms, and lenses in the visible and infrared in 0.104µm-7µm.

Main application:

1) X-ray monochromator plates UV photomultiplier tubes

2) Optical material for VUV applications

3) Windows, prisms, and lenses

Main Features:

1) Tends to create color centers.

2) Max temperature for application:400°C

3) Excellent VUV region transmittance

4) Sensitive to thermal shock

Optical properties of LiF crystal:

Transmission Range

0.105 … 6 µm

Refractive Index

no = 1.37327@2.5µm, 1.624@0.12 µm

Reflective Loss

4.4% @4.0 µm

Poisson Ratio


Absorption Coefficient/cm-`1


Basic properties of LiF crystal:



Melting Point


Molar Mass


Lattice Parameters

4.0279 Å

Thermal Conductivity

4.01 W/(m K)

Specific Heat

1562 (J kg-1 K-1)

Thermal Expansion Coefficient

28.1 - 34.8 (10-6/K)

Knoop Hardness


Mohs Hardness


Young's Modulus

64.79 GPa

Shear Modulus

55.14 GPa

Bulk Modulus

62.03 GPa

Rupture Modulus

10.8 MPa

Elastic Coefficient

C11 = 112 / C12 = 45.6 / C44 = 3.2 GPa

Crystal Type

Fm3m, cubic, NaCl type structure

Dielectric Constant

9.0 @ 25 °C, f = 100...109 Hz

Solubility in Water

0.27 (g/100 cm3) @ 18 °C

Apparent Elastic Limit/ MPa

11.2@1620 psi



HGO offers LiF specifications:



Wavefront Distortion:

λ/4per inch @ 632.8 nm

Dimension Tolerances

rods with diameter: +0.0/-0.05 mm , Length: ±0.1 mm

Surface Quality:

20/10 Scratch/Dig MIL-O-1380A


< 20


< 10

Clear Aperture:

> 90%

Surface Flatness:

< λ/8 @ 632.8 nm


< 0.25 mm @ 45deg.


Upon customer request

Quality Warranty Period

One year under proper use

Why Choose HGO ?

HG OPTRONICS.,INC. is one of few growers who LiF crystals in house. The use of high quality starting materials for crystal growth, whole boule interferometry, precise inspection of scattering particle in crystal using He-Ne laser and delicated measurement of bulk losses using spectrophotometer assures that each crystal will comply with customer’s specification and perform well.

In addition, we can also produce other types of window crystals like YAG crystals, BaF2,MgF2 Crystals, etc.

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